Towerfield Saga

Ravenwood Lumber Camp Investigation

The Towerfield Four meet with Rodric Hightower and agree to look into the Ravenwood logging camp incident.  After some investigation, they determine that Foreman Giles Guilney has been conspiring with the Cloverfell Lumberjack Team to violate the terms of the contract with Magda Thornwild.  They meet with Magda, who dictates new terms if the Hightowers wish to continue logging there:  an apprentice must be brought to her, and 100 new trees must be planted and cared for, in addition to the original terms.

Before returning, they discover a large quantity of gold in Guilney's belongings, and find that he was actually bribed by a new buddy, Tom, who offered to pay this and eventually pay off Guilney's gambling debts if he would sabotage the lumberjack endeavor.

They return to Towerfield, with Guilney in tow, and report to Rodric Hightower.  Rodric agrees to the new terms; Aubrey convinces her rival, Millie, to be the new apprentice, and the party convinces Guilney to write to his employer to try to catch them making contact.  Contact is made by a different looking man, but Stayin notices quickly enough to head off in pursuit, on horses.

When they catch up to the contact, he tosses a bottle back at a nearby farmer's wagon.  The bottle breaks into a cloud, and after the smoke clears, the farmers have transformed into beast men!  They eventually revert back to their former form, and the contact is cornered.  But, he commits suicide with some false tooth.  On his body, is found another suspicious bottle, and a scroll tube which has a flame trap.  Inside is strange writing that no one has seen before….



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