Towerfield Saga

Mara's Journal
Dear Diary,

I never thought I would say it, but it is good to be back home.  So much has happened lately, and so much of it is bad I am glad to be in my own cave for a little while at least.

I don't really understand how we got into all this.  We were just earning a few extra silvers doing odd jobs and the next thing I know we are doing dangerous missions with shade dealers and evil cults.  I guess that's what happens when you have a great leader like Canute running things, he found the best paying jobs, if only they weren't so dangerous! I try to keep everyone safe, but as usual I keep messing it up.  Aubrey and Canute have both been seriously hurt, if it weren't for all those hours Aubrey put in learning to heal so good, we would be splatters.  Canute is probably the best fighter around.  Of course he didn't punch that guys head off, but she sure knows how to fight. Stayin can make friends with anyone, I don't even know half the words he used when he jumped up on those barrels.  And then he used that crazy needle thing! I really wanted to keep him safe so he wouldn't have to go by the big monster, but I don't know how a needle works like a weapon. And Stayin just….Pop! killed it in seconds!  Aubrey of course is amazing, everyone likes her and her magic is incredible.  I wish I had something to help them all, they have already done so many great things!

On top of not being a very good protector, I keep messing things up and making them worse.  I removed that inlay stuff, and it turns out that was really bad.  I said we should arrest the tailor because thats what you do with bad guys and we got in trouble and she got away.  I tried to take a prisoner and he escaped too and got us in more trouble.

I think Aubrey knows I am not really cut out for this dangerous stuff, she keeps trying to get me together with that blacksmith.  She probably wants me to settle down in Lakewatch so I wont mess things up anymore since things are getting really dangerous now.  I really hate Lakewatch and Olaf is not a nice person. And he's so old!  Aubrey is probably just trying to help me out, its not like anyone else would want me, Olaf would like an apprentice and housewife, I am sure.  I could never stay with someone that was so mean to my friends though.  Stayin is so nice, I don't know why he is so mean to him.  I can't say anything about it to him since he is my elder, but if Olaf and my parents are the only dwarves around, its no wonder all the kids were so mean to me.  Their parents probably told them all kinds of stories and they are just waiting for me to turn mean or crazy.  Maybe I already am and I just dont know it????  I did kill that guy in the tailor shop, maybe I am starting to be crazy like dad….

I should probably talk to dad when he is having a less crazy day.  It seems like he might have actually been researching something important all these decades…if he can only remember what it was.

I hope we make it past whatever is coming.  I don't really know what is going on, but it is bad.  Maybe I can find some of dad's notes….




Lakewatch Memoirs 2
Entry One

I assumed I might be able to avoid killing people. I figured that I would beat up a few, arrest a few, and talk down a few. I don't really have any qualms about killling monsters and beasts, but since I got to Lakewatch, we have been killing so many people.

A great many of them are the worst kinds of people. Monsters with people's faces. Still, so many are dead by my hand. Some of them could have been merely smugglers and hashheads, right? Do they deserve to die in some cavern underground due to misdemeanors?  We even killed a helpless prisoner due to the fack that we didn't know what to do with him. This conspiracy is so large and intricate that I am having trouble keeping track of who just wants to make a buck with shade and who wants to plunge the world into nightmares and eternal darkness.

Earlier, I mentioned I am probably going to die. Nothing has prepared me for these battles that we are having. When I was training with the other guardsmen, I could take a few pokes from practice swords as long as I was able to overpower the other recruits and guards. I hit hard and I hit often. I am still doing that, but I am getting hit hard in return and there are more of them than there are of us. I keep falling in combat. It is not only humiliating, but one time I am not going to be able to get back up. I joke about being the leader and sometimes it seems the others buy it, but what kind of leader gets constantly knocked on their ass? Mara so much more capable.

All this fighting does seem to be making me quicker and more able to avoid more blows, but there is a part of me, a crazed wild part, that seems to take over sometimes.  It cares less about getting hurt than killing. It is angry, powerful, and stupid and is going to get me(and possibly the rest of the group) killed.

Lakewatch Memoirs
The Journal and Will of Canute Thorrell

I am writing this because I am probably going to die. It seems like I am way over my head here, but I feel I should keep going. Lives are at risk and my life isn't worth anymore than anyone else's.

If I die, I hope someone friendly reads this and is able to send my belongings and any money I have left to my mother. If you are honest then take twenty five percent. If I have enough of a body left to bury then do so and try to make it a place my mother can get to.

Lakewatch, Heart of Civilization and Friendliness

Mara and her father, Hathin Ironcraft, get into an argument, where he blithely babbles on about Ellyl incarnates, the Dream Eater, some Conjunction, and how she needs to be very careful with that Lithrocite inlay.  Eventually he agrees to lead the group back to Mara's home.

On the way, he runs into a puzzle door whose solution he seems to have forgotten.  The door is flanked by two stone statues that start moving as he inputs the wrong symbol in an answer.  Eventually the group manages to input the correct symbol on the first try, and the statues move to open the door for them.

After a visit with Mara's mom, the group heads back into Towerfield, where they are led to the tavern.  There, they find family and friends of everyone except for Mara waiting.  Turns out they've been gone three days!

They report to Rodric in the morning, who is very concerned about this contraband lithrocite that ended up in the Morton farm.  He formally takes the Towerfield Four into service with the Hightowers and sends them off to Lakewatch with an introduction to his brother, Rory Hightower, who rules in Lakewatch, as well as orders for a smith and tailor to get them outfitted with livery and armor with the Towerfield arms.  They arrive that night in Lakewatch to a rude welcome from Bridget Black in the Lakewatch fort.  But, Rory smooths things over and sends them off with orders to the tailor and smith.

The next day, October 11, 4716 AR, the group explores Lakewatch, starting with Canute's daring exploits in Lake Mistvale.  Eventually they confront a shady merchant named Dusty Cardis, who owns up to selling the necklace to the Morton son after considerable shenanigans.  He received the necklace and orders to sell it for the overly cheap price to someone matching Art Morton's description.  He takes his orders from a criminal group called the Hooded Lanterns, who he does not want to cross, and describes how he gets orders and goods from the Lanterns.  He has a crate to be delivered to a boat at the docks for the Hooded Lanterns, and points out the delivery location and instructions in return for being let free to flee the Hightower Valley.  

The Morton Murders
October 6, 4716 AR

After considerable work, the group is able to decipher the strange writings.  Also, the body of the man carrying this scroll had dissolved into a puddle of goo….

The group returns to Towerfield, and makes a report to Rodric.  They then visit the main square, where Constable Caleb Ward is giving a press conference on the incident at the Morton farm.  Ward announces that Canute is going to be leading the investigation into the murder, and sends him off to investigate the farm after hearing a brief scouting report from one of Stayin's sisters.

The farm itself is very strange, with all the color leeched out of the walls and fire not starting normally.  After battling through a series of animated, amputated or beheaded animals from the farm, they follow a tunnel into the earth.  They defeat a strange black skinned guardian with red eyes and a blood dripping sword in a cave with mushrooms, and then confront the Mortons in a weird feasting room deep in the caves.

After victory, and the rescue of one living Morton, Art Morton, the scenery changes drastically and the group finds themselves in a room with strange spider-themed artwork and a bloodstained altar with a Lithrocite inlay.  Seemed to be a shrine of sorts to something called the Dream Eater….   Furthermore, the blood dripping sword transformed into an iron bar.  The strange amulet linked to the start of all these nightmares with Mother Morton, however, remains made of Lithrocite.

Canute talks Mara into using the iron bar to remove the Lithrocite inlay of the altar, and drags it out and down the tunnel.  The return tunnel does not seem the same as how they got down to the former feasting room, and after some twists and turns they find themselves in a cave tunnel, with no door behind them, face to face with Mara's father…. 

Ravenwood Lumber Camp Investigation

The Towerfield Four meet with Rodric Hightower and agree to look into the Ravenwood logging camp incident.  After some investigation, they determine that Foreman Giles Guilney has been conspiring with the Cloverfell Lumberjack Team to violate the terms of the contract with Magda Thornwild.  They meet with Magda, who dictates new terms if the Hightowers wish to continue logging there:  an apprentice must be brought to her, and 100 new trees must be planted and cared for, in addition to the original terms.

Before returning, they discover a large quantity of gold in Guilney's belongings, and find that he was actually bribed by a new buddy, Tom, who offered to pay this and eventually pay off Guilney's gambling debts if he would sabotage the lumberjack endeavor.

They return to Towerfield, with Guilney in tow, and report to Rodric Hightower.  Rodric agrees to the new terms; Aubrey convinces her rival, Millie, to be the new apprentice, and the party convinces Guilney to write to his employer to try to catch them making contact.  Contact is made by a different looking man, but Stayin notices quickly enough to head off in pursuit, on horses.

When they catch up to the contact, he tosses a bottle back at a nearby farmer's wagon.  The bottle breaks into a cloud, and after the smoke clears, the farmers have transformed into beast men!  They eventually revert back to their former form, and the contact is cornered.  But, he commits suicide with some false tooth.  On his body, is found another suspicious bottle, and a scroll tube which has a flame trap.  Inside is strange writing that no one has seen before….


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