Fred Scroll Deciphered

Agent Multifas, Prereport Logs


If recovered by House agents, return to proprietor at 301 Stone Lane, Stanwick.


August 2, 4716 AR

Made contact with target. Very pliable.


August 16, 4716 AR


Target brought up gambling debts.


August 25, 4716 AR


Target will perform mission. Initial payment made. Target instructed to send reports to Reynolds with status updates. Returning to Stanwick to maintain low profile in area.


September 15, 4716 AR


Initial test of mutagen bomb on caravan. Transformation lasted long enough to slay most of caravan_ wipe up with specialized weapons was success when subjects reverted. Dragged off meat stores to maintain illusion of animal attack.

September 20, 4716 AR


Received initial report from asset, addressed to Reynolds. Operation is on track.


October 5, 4716 AR

Received second report from asset. Operation seems near close. Will visit asset to confirm.


October 6, 4716 AR


Asset appears compromised. Departing early to put backup plan into effect. Required more field tests with the mutagen bomb anyways. Same team as before should be able to do final cleanup.

Fred Scroll Deciphered

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