Lumberjack Camp Contract


September 3, 4716 AR

Between Rodric Regal Hightower and Magda Thornwild


- The area permitted for logging will be marked by four stone pillars, each pillar will have a circle of thorns. A green ribbon will be twined between three of the four pillars.

- For every tree felled, two will be planted.

- No more than 100 trees will be felled this season.

- No hunting will be permitted by the lumberjacks in Hightower's service.

- This contract is only valid until first snow, 4716 AR.

- Any lumbering desired after first snow must be renegotiated the following spring.

- Violation on the part of Hightower's agents will be met by a single warning, a potted thorn vine to be placed in his supervisor's rest area.

- Warnings not respected will terminate this agreement, and be met with nature's wrath.

- While the above terms are kept, the lumberjacks will be warded from any dangers of the woods other than the dangers of the falling trees.





Rodric Regal Hightower
Magda Thornwild

Lumberjack Camp Contract

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