Towerfield Saga

Mara's Journal

Dear Diary,

I never thought I would say it, but it is good to be back home.  So much has happened lately, and so much of it is bad I am glad to be in my own cave for a little while at least.

I don't really understand how we got into all this.  We were just earning a few extra silvers doing odd jobs and the next thing I know we are doing dangerous missions with shade dealers and evil cults.  I guess that's what happens when you have a great leader like Canute running things, he found the best paying jobs, if only they weren't so dangerous! I try to keep everyone safe, but as usual I keep messing it up.  Aubrey and Canute have both been seriously hurt, if it weren't for all those hours Aubrey put in learning to heal so good, we would be splatters.  Canute is probably the best fighter around.  Of course he didn't punch that guys head off, but she sure knows how to fight. Stayin can make friends with anyone, I don't even know half the words he used when he jumped up on those barrels.  And then he used that crazy needle thing! I really wanted to keep him safe so he wouldn't have to go by the big monster, but I don't know how a needle works like a weapon. And Stayin just….Pop! killed it in seconds!  Aubrey of course is amazing, everyone likes her and her magic is incredible.  I wish I had something to help them all, they have already done so many great things!

On top of not being a very good protector, I keep messing things up and making them worse.  I removed that inlay stuff, and it turns out that was really bad.  I said we should arrest the tailor because thats what you do with bad guys and we got in trouble and she got away.  I tried to take a prisoner and he escaped too and got us in more trouble.

I think Aubrey knows I am not really cut out for this dangerous stuff, she keeps trying to get me together with that blacksmith.  She probably wants me to settle down in Lakewatch so I wont mess things up anymore since things are getting really dangerous now.  I really hate Lakewatch and Olaf is not a nice person. And he's so old!  Aubrey is probably just trying to help me out, its not like anyone else would want me, Olaf would like an apprentice and housewife, I am sure.  I could never stay with someone that was so mean to my friends though.  Stayin is so nice, I don't know why he is so mean to him.  I can't say anything about it to him since he is my elder, but if Olaf and my parents are the only dwarves around, its no wonder all the kids were so mean to me.  Their parents probably told them all kinds of stories and they are just waiting for me to turn mean or crazy.  Maybe I already am and I just dont know it????  I did kill that guy in the tailor shop, maybe I am starting to be crazy like dad….

I should probably talk to dad when he is having a less crazy day.  It seems like he might have actually been researching something important all these decades…if he can only remember what it was.

I hope we make it past whatever is coming.  I don't really know what is going on, but it is bad.  Maybe I can find some of dad's notes….






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