Towerfield Saga

The Morton Murders

October 6, 4716 AR

After considerable work, the group is able to decipher the strange writings.  Also, the body of the man carrying this scroll had dissolved into a puddle of goo….

The group returns to Towerfield, and makes a report to Rodric.  They then visit the main square, where Constable Caleb Ward is giving a press conference on the incident at the Morton farm.  Ward announces that Canute is going to be leading the investigation into the murder, and sends him off to investigate the farm after hearing a brief scouting report from one of Stayin's sisters.

The farm itself is very strange, with all the color leeched out of the walls and fire not starting normally.  After battling through a series of animated, amputated or beheaded animals from the farm, they follow a tunnel into the earth.  They defeat a strange black skinned guardian with red eyes and a blood dripping sword in a cave with mushrooms, and then confront the Mortons in a weird feasting room deep in the caves.

After victory, and the rescue of one living Morton, Art Morton, the scenery changes drastically and the group finds themselves in a room with strange spider-themed artwork and a bloodstained altar with a Lithrocite inlay.  Seemed to be a shrine of sorts to something called the Dream Eater….   Furthermore, the blood dripping sword transformed into an iron bar.  The strange amulet linked to the start of all these nightmares with Mother Morton, however, remains made of Lithrocite.

Canute talks Mara into using the iron bar to remove the Lithrocite inlay of the altar, and drags it out and down the tunnel.  The return tunnel does not seem the same as how they got down to the former feasting room, and after some twists and turns they find themselves in a cave tunnel, with no door behind them, face to face with Mara's father…. 



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