Olaf Arfrang


Muscular dwarven smith with a fine, black, braided beard.


Lakewatch smith who serves the Hightowers, and is adjusting some Hightower armor for some of the Towerfield Four. Greatly irritated by Stayin Underbridge, whom Olaf says talks too much, and shouldn’t be allowed near an anvil or forge. In fact, wrote an angry note to one Stan Trestleblack of Stanwick lecturing him for daring to let Stayin near an anvil.

Mara seems to have a crush on him. Olaf was impressed by work Aubrey claims Mara did on Canute’s armor, saying it was clearly Journeyman work, and has offered to let Mara come work the forge if she has some free time.

Olaf Arfrang

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