Tag: Lakewatch


  • Dusty Cardis

    Cheerful swindler who sold a [[Lithrocite]] necklace on the cheap to [[:art-morton]] that seems to be connected to the Morton murders. Claims he followed orders of the Hooded Lanterns in that sale, and has done other work for the Lanterns. Was allowed …

  • Olaf Arfrang

    [[Lakewatch]] smith who serves the Hightowers, and is adjusting some Hightower armor for some of the Towerfield Four. Greatly irritated by Stayin Underbridge, whom Olaf says talks too much, and shouldn't be allowed near an anvil or forge. In fact, wrote …

  • Octavius Spindle

    Doctor Spindle runs a clinic that treats most of the injured divers in [[Lakewatch]], most of whom have contributed to the Copper Injury Plan. Has a spoon collection. Professionally treated Canute's wounds after Canute's diving experience.

  • Mattie Riddle

    Mattie is a talkative ruins diver who recently lost a hand under Dr. [[:octavius-spindle]]'s care. Brother of [[:john-riddle]], whose poetry she makes fun of. Stayin made quite an impression on her, and in addition to now being a contact, she has asked …

  • Welkin Brook

    Arrogant [[Lakewatch]] apothecary who runs Brook's Solutions, who proclaims that Lakewatch is the center of civilization, and decries the degeneration of those who settle in other areas, like Aubrey's uncle Julius. After tossing a bottle quite close to …

  • Rory Hightower

    Younger brother of [[:rodric-hightower]], Rory was set in charge of [[Lakewatch]], with the less well known task of running the secret [[Lithrocite]] operation there. Bridget Black serves as his first in command.